When it comes to dating you’re either lucky or unlucky

By Dakota Phillips

Honestly, there should be limits to who you choose to date. Take coworkers for instance: You see them every day and cooperate together to get through it. However, getting involved with a coworker is a bad idea unless you are nothing short of a perfect match.

Seeing too much of each other can lead to knowing too much about each other. It’s best to have space to breathe, and there are times when the workplace has to be separate from your personal life.

It’s important to keep your personal and professional life segmented and balanced to prevent stress or a total breakdown.

You are either lucky or unlucky when it comes to who you choose to date. Lucky is when you date the complement of your mind and personality; a friend who makes your life so much more awesome and completes you. Lucky is the boring way (that’s meant sarcastically).

Finding the person that completes you is another step in the road of life.

Being unlucky isn’t necessarily a bad thing either; it’s just another option where you don’t get your soul mate. The long road of being an “unlucky” dater fills in the gap of your soul mate until you know who you want to be with the rest of your life.

Casual dating can lead to many people filling your life with many different experiences and any conflict only helps you grow as a person.

A rich life full of attempts and mistakes will make you a greater person; you’ll look back and see a long line of people who have contributed to your person. Each will live in you and become part of you.

Being honest with yourself is imperative; don’t choose people based on infatuations, but on their qualities and compatibility. Dating should be a fun experience. Sometimes you’ll find yourself with the last person you’d ever think you could have.

Having your senses tuned to what you’re looking for and getting the right person can create magic.

Dating should be treated as an extension of yourself; if you aren’t the type who can settle, you’ll still have a life full of many wonderful people and memories to fill yourself with joy in hindsight.

Life is a pursuit of happiness and you shouldn’t put it inside a box. Let the box open and never say no to an experience.

The world is a beautiful place.The point of dating is to find out who you want to be with. It’s a pursuit of happiness.