None Too Fragile’s ‘Nerve’ departs

By Paula Ramsey

The feelings of a first date are unmistakable — nerves are at an all-time high and the butterflies in a person’s stomach are hard at work, searching for a way to escape. Getting to spend time with someone of importance is all too exciting. However, what if the two have technically never met before?

Adam Szymkowicz’s “Nerve” tells the tale of what unfolds when two somewhat strangers, Susan and Elliot, are brought together by the power of the Internet and meet face-to-face for the first time.

Plagued by struggles of their past, Susan and Elliot find common ground in their differences, proving that love is about a lot more than a person’s exterior. This dark romantic comedy was thrown onto the theatrical scene from Sept. 13-28.

The None Too Fragile Theater, hidden inside Pub Bricco, captivates their audience with the personal setup of the venue. The theater, approximately the size of a classroom, gives the audience a very intimate perspective of the show, giving the illusion that they could even be a part of the show.

Director Sean Derry goes above and beyond to make sure that the performance far exceeds anyone’s expectations. With roles in productions such as “Adventureland,” “Super 8,” and “Unstoppable,” Derry seems to have much to
live up to.

The stars of the show, Brian Kenneth Armour and Kelly Strand, take their chemistry to the stage, coming together and bringing to life the moments that are very relatable.

The setting remained in a bar for the entirety of the play, with just the two characters. Though this fact might cause the scenario to become a bit dull, the dialogue made up for it, with lots of humor to keep the story alive.

The tiny stage crew did a spectacular job and ultimately set the mood for the play. Though short, the play got the point across fairly well and the audience’s reception was overwhelming overall.

“Nerve” is no longer in production, and it’s a shame that more people couldn’t have the opportunity to experience such theatrical beauty. If it were to come back to town, take “Nerve” into consideration.