Kyle Pohl: getting the job done

By Brandon Moore

Akron quarterback Kyle Pohl has played well this year.

Pohl is currently third in the Mid-American Conference in passing. He is only behind Ball State senior Keith Wenning and sophomore Matt Johnson of Bowling Green.

He has a 59 percent completion rate on third down this season. He has completed 23 out of 39 passes. His passing rate, a measurement that tries to quantify a quarterback’s performance, is 121.2. A perfect score would be 158.3, which is virtually impossible to achieve.

Pohl had a lot of pressure entering the 2013-14 season. He followed the footsteps of arguably one of the best Zips quarterbacks in recent history, Dalton Williams.

Through the month of September in 2012, Williams completed 123 out of 193 passes. He gathered 1,434 yards through the air. Pohl had a slightly worse completion rate (60.5) than Williams (63.7) through the month of September.

But Pohl has not disappointed so far, especially considering that he is only a sophomore. Pohl has 104 completions on 172 passing attempts. He has eight touchdowns and six interceptions. He is averaging 6.23 yards per pass attempt.

Though the record is not there, as Pohl has lost four of his first five games, it would be unfair to pin the blame on him. It appears that he has done everything the coaches have asked of him and is playing well.