Akron meets Far East

By Forrest Dukes

As the leaves change and students begin to think about what to schedule for the spring semester, The University of Akron allows another chance for the students to learn and explore through China Week.


China Week is a weeklong annual event that displays the culturally and historically rich country of China. This event is meant to give students at the university a chance to explore and see another country without all the hassle of planes, luggage and English-to-Chinese dictionaries.

“I for one thought this was fun. I really didn’t know much about China besides the food and things like that, but through the events that I have gone to, I have learned a lot and it has been fun so far too,” freshman Nick Dockson said.

During China Week, students can learn facts and understand the differences and similarities between our two countries, as well as get another view of the world through the eyes of someone else. China Week goes into politi


cs, economics, history, language, philosophy, martial arts, food and other areas for the students’ entertainment and chance to learn.

China Week is sponsored by Confucius Institute and their mission is to promote the expansion of the Chinese language through a wide range of formal and informal activities. The institute is also supported by the Chinese Ministry of Education and has direct relations with a university in China, called Henan University, where students can study abroad to learn more about the language and way of life in China.

China Week ends on Friday, but there are still plenty of activities for students to learn more. These activities for China Week are throughout the campus buildings as well as outside.

For more information about China Week, go to uakron.edu/ci/china-week.