Students give hugs to raise money for animal protection

By Tyler Jordan

This week the Secular Student Alliance is holding a fundraising event to donate money to the Cleveland Animal Protective League.


Passers by can donate a dollar for a hug from an atheist.

The Secular Student Alliance is a student organization that centers on the idea of atheism. The SSA is a chapter of a nationally recognized organization.

The SSA also has many members who are agnostics, humanists and skeptics.

“Anyone is welcome to come,” SSA member Mark said.

The group holds meetings and events that range from scientific discussions, pizza parties and arts and crafts.

“It’s open to anyone and it’s an area that’s safe for expression,” Mark said.

“It’s to help give animals good homes, shelter and medical attention,” member Claudia Allen said to explain the fundraiser further.

The SSA was also promoting a conference with international speakers in the Student Union theater.