The truth about Drake’s so-called ‘rough life’

By Ione Friess

Almost everyone has heard of the rapper Drake. I heard about him almost two years ago, and I didn’t really care too much for him or his music.

That was, until I saw who he was. Turns out, I’d known him all along, only I knew him as a familiar face from my sister’s favorite TV show, “Degrassi.”

After learning who Drake really was, I started listening to a few of his songs more carefully.  The lyrics from his songs really irritated me because he sings about things that aren’t true.

Drake’s real name is Aubrey Drake Graham, and he took his stage name from his middle name.

He claims to have started from the very bottom, but before his parents’ divorce, life wasn’t that rough.  After the divorce, his mother worked hard to make sure he kept a stable life.

Perhaps that can be considered a tough time in his life, but still he lived in Canada. Life’s roughness was based solely on his perceptions of his own shortcomings, instead of a dangerous lifestyle.

Graham’s acting took off in his early teens, and he had been doing well ever since with his successful role in “Degrassi.” He speaks perfect and clear Canadian English, and yet he performs and raps as if he grew up on the jagged streets of America.

The only songs with any truth to them are the ones about love and relationships. The rest are bull. I don’t believe in the “you sing what sells” method of success.

I believe that someone who sings about events that aren’t true is worthless. It’s dishonesty and dishonesty is lying.

Drake is ultimately lying about his identity through his songs. By lying about who he says he is, Drake is fake.

It’s Aubrey that’s the reality, and the reality is what he should purely stick to.