Scarborough appoints new positions

President Scarborough takes action within his first 100 days.

President Scott Scarborough

University Communications and Marketing

President Scott Scarborough

By Dakota Phillips, Copy Editor

President Scarborough has taken no time in making changes around campus in his first couple months of taking office. He has taken the liberty of rearranging the people who answer directly to him, reducing the number from 20 to nine.

“You can’t develop a relationship with 23 people giving 23 different reports,” Scarborough said.

He perceived it as inefficient, so he decided to have less than 23 people, lowering the number to around 10 to 13. Scarborough based this decision on a research study which concluded that 10 to 13 people were the best number for a team. He has scaled back the number to find a great supporting cast and to be more effective.

“You get the right people and the right seats during the right things the right way, 80 percent of the work is done,” Scarborough said. “80 percent of the battle is getting the right people in the right way.”

The nine people now answer directly to Scarborough with two supporting both him and the Board of Trustees. Several offices have been eliminated and responsibilities have been moved around to achieve this end.

David Cummins, chief financial officer, will now oversee the responsibilities of vice president of human resources, IT, facilities, capital planning and E.J. Thomas Hall. He will now report directly to the president.

The offices of communications and marketing will be combined into a new office of Institutional Advancement managed by John LaGuardia as well as the Department of Development, alumni relations and public affairs.

Dr. Mike Sherman, senior vice president and provost, will work with Candace Jackson, who is now the vice president for Student Success and vice provost for Academic Success.

Others who will report directly to President Scarborough include Amy Gilliland, director of the office of resource analysis and budgeting; Ted Mallo, vice president and general counsel and board secretary; Dr. George Newkome, vice president for research and dean of the graduate school; Lauri Thorpe, associate vice president of enrollment management; Tom Wistrcill, director of athletic.

Ted Mallo and Paul Herold, assistant secretary to the board and special assistant to the president, respectively, will help support the president and the Board of Trustees.