Sorority 101 gets UA women involved

Teaching women about what the Greek life at UA includes

By Nicholas Summers, Arts & Life Editor

The University of Akron’s nine sororities held a two-part event to answer any questions or curiosities of the new women at UA who are interested in joining a sorority. The first day of Sorority 101 was on Aug. 27 and the second was held on Sept. 2.

The sororities set up tables and helped the incoming freshmen women understand what sorority life is really like. They also had a booth to register students online for the recruitment.

Women who signed up for the recruitment process will be gathered together on the Sunday Sept. 14 the women taking the step to be involved at UA will start their lives as a sorority member.

”This event is to help put the women at ease about joining a sorority,” Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life Katelin Getz said.

Questions such as time commitment, community service, and amount of involvement within the community service were answered at the event.

Sorority 101 is put on each year to assist many incoming freshmen women at UA and help them find the right sorority.

Freshman and new recruitee Alexis Tartaglia said, “I really liked the philanthropy of the sororities and this will help me make new friends because it can be hard at a new school.”

The event gave them a clearer idea of what happens when being involved with Greek life and allows students to become more involved at UA.