Radio Romance brings E.J. a new twist to country


Nicholas Summers

Two UA Students Take a Selfie with Radio Romance in the Background

By Nicholas Summers, Arts and Life Editor

In the second part of the Rock the Roo Lunchtime series, the up-and-coming band Radio Romance gave students a new spin on country music.

The Nashville band performed on Sept. 10 outside of E.J. Thomas Hall starting at 11:30 a.m. giving students a break between classes to enjoy live music.

Radio Romance’s music is new, fast paced country with an emphasis on rock and pop included. Recently signed by Sony, Radio Romance performed many of their songs off of their new EP “What’s Stopping You, ”including “The Phone” and “Take me to the Coast.”

Lead vocalist Sam Hayes said, “we write songs about the south and how it always rains in Nashville.”

On top of their own hits, they also performed covers like Eminem’s “One Shot.” Radio Romance gave the cover their own flair of country while maintaining the fast-paced beat of the original version.

This was the 7th annual Rock the Roo Lunchtime Series that is put on by ZPN, RHPB, RHC and E.J. Thomas Hall to give students a break during the day.

, “These events are to engage students, let them get some lunch and hear new bands that haven’t become very popular yet,” Promotions and Press Coordinator of E.J. Thomas Hall Elizabeth Lynch said.

Last week the Lunchtime Concert hosted Kris Allen, the American Idol winner in 2009. Each year the Lunchtime Concert series opens with a better-known artist then follows the next two weeks with bands or singers who are on the rise.

The event usually attracts between 1000 and 1200 students throughout each concert. Students could enjoy free pizza, pop, and get a T-shirt at the show while they listened to Radio Romance perform. “They’re a little more rocky than most country bands,” Sophomore at UA, Kari Ciesielczyk said.

The Lunchtime Concert series will end Wednesday, Sept. 17 with jazz saxophone artist Matt Corey, but the concerts inside E.J. Thomas Hall throughout the semester.