Student Union celebrates 10th anniversary

By Spencer Skolnick, Writer

The Student Union remains an active location for many UA students.
William Singer
The Student Union remains an active location for many UA students.


The University of Akron’s Student Union is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

As part of campus’ “New Landscape for Learning” project, which started in 2000, 22 new buildings were completed in 2004, the Student Union being one.

It’s home to the university’s Department of Student Life and SOuRCe, along with  offices for countless student organizations. The Student Union contains a game room, a theater, various eateries, a Starbucks, and a Barnes and Noble bookstore. This 192,000 square-foot building is the center of daily campus life for students and faculty.

“The Student Union is a great place to meet up with friends and forget about the stress of class for a while,” Freshman JoJo Krajci said.

A central hub for students to study, meet with friends, grab lunch, and play pool or bowl on any given night, The union celebrates 10 years of providing a popular foundation for campus life.

For 10 years, the union has provided opportunities for students to work on campus.

“I’ve only been working for student life in the Union for a month and it has already brought me wonderful connections and friendships. I’ve been able to hear about more opportunities to get involved in than if I worked off campus,” said Rachel Mikolay, Associate in the Department of Student Life.

As the center for campus organizations and activities, students are encouraged to utilize everything the Union has to offer.

“I love how the Union [has] a sense of community, and it’s always full of life. It’s a great place to spend time and to become more involved with the university. I am glad I can use the Union for Undergraduate Student Government,” Sophomore Zachary Gilgenbach said.

With the promise of more years of access to the entertainment and facilities of the Student Union, students and faculty are proudly celebrating this anniversary.