What’s new in dining services

By Elizabeth Szczukowski, News Writer

Over summer break, the university’s Dining Services team has been dedicated to further enhancing UA student’s dining experience for upcoming semesters.

Rob’s Cafe is now equipped with an enhanced allergy-friendly zone which includes specialty food items clearly labeled for students with food allergies. Accompanying the station is a designated staff member who are easily identifiable by their purple aprons. Also new in Rob’s is the fresh super bowl station that offers super foods, greens and grains, prepared fresh to order.

Over at Quaker Square, Trackside Grille has a fresh, updated look to accompany its revamped menu. Trackside Grille is the only dining location on campus to get bone-in breaded, non-breaded or boneless wings in your choice of ten different sauces! To add more excitement to the menu, the new sensational Trackside Burger is a freshly grilled bacon cheeseburger tucked between two Krispy Kreme glazed donuts!

Also located in Quaker Square, The Pie Factory will now be offering care packages for various special occasions.  The packages can be ordered by friends and family of UA students online or by phone at 330-972-7492. The package will be delivered promptly to the student.

Zee’s Quaker has also made some adjustments to their menu that include a variety of breakfast sandwiches, hash browns, bagels and a breakfast pizza that will available to order all-day.

Over in the Student Union, Freshen’s at Zee’s Natural have introduced some new and exciting items to their menu. Along with their fresh blended smoothies and handcrafted crepes they also offer a full line of made to order rice bowls and crispy flatbread salads. From the Rice Bowl Menu, customers will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of flavors from around the world including Bangkok Thai, Mexican, Cajun or they can build their own creation by choosing a rice, protein and flavors. Salads will be served in a crispy flat bread and include flavors such as southwest chipotle chicken, market strawberry and roadhouse BBQ chicken.  Another great addition to Freshens will be a self- serve yogurt bar where customers can choose their own flavor of frozen yogurt and select from a variety of toppings.

Union Market, now serving “Healthy Bowls,” tailor made dish prepared with fresh vegetables, proteins, whole grains and healthy sauces cooked to order. ​Accompanying the Union Market’s “Healthy Bowl” is the “VGFR” counter (Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw Counter) that will feature a wide variety of homemade offerings focusing on those with special dietary needs and preferences. There are many new healthful variations to choose from, including a variety of “raws,” which are greens, grains, and super foods.  This “VGFR” station will include some junk food that’s good for you. Also new this fall the Union Market will be dishing out the savory chicken and waffle panini – crispy fried chicken dipped in bacon chipotle maple syrup nestled with a fried egg between two warm waffles.

Summit Bistro will now be serving warm french fries, cold milkshakes, waffle cones and popcorn.

The Creamery is the newest location on campus that will satisfy both your sweet and savory cravings all under one roof. Phase 1 of The Creamery will open this fall. Previously known as Zee’s Grille, The Creamery will feature timeless menu items such grilled cheese melts, foot long hotdogs, tatertots and a variety of ice cream, shakes, sundaes and novelties. Come prepared to enjoy good food, friends and ice cream!