The Nightlight Cinema brings unique films to Akron


Nicholas Summers

The Nightlight Cinema can seat up to 50 audience members

By Nicholas Summers, Arts & Life Editor

The Nightlight Cinema in downtown Akron is bringing true cinema back to life. Ran by the Akron Film and Pixel organization, the cinema shows independent and other movies that might not be available to people otherwise in the Akron area.

Although it only opened in July of 2014, the organization has been showing movies since 2002, getting their start at UA’s Student Union. By 2008 they had separated from UA and started showing films at the Akron Art Museum, who remains a sponsor today. Before the theater was open, the organization was bringing in filmmakers and directors to Akron to premiere their films on a monthly basis.

After receiving grants from the GAR Foundation and Knight Foundation, they were able to open their own theater for their film festivals and screenings. Their theater can hold up to 50 audience members and shows movies in higher than 1080p  resolution, still giving an intimate feeling of a small theater while not skimping on quality.

The theater not only hosts their own film festivals, but they also hold small concerts and parties inside the theater as well. Their next up and coming festival is their Halloween themed movie fest, which will feature the remastered and theatrical version of Halloween. The band Analog Fog will also be performing at this festival before showing the movie.

Rob Lucas who helped found Akron Film and Pixel, now helps run the theater as a hobby of his to help revive the independent cinemas.  The Nightlight Cinema also functions as a gallery for art in the front hallway. It is currently showing art pieces from the Akron Art Prize.

“We are trying to do as much unique things as we can,” Lucas said. Which would include their Freakishly Short Animation Festival. This festival will include short, dark, animations that people of Akron wouldn’t normally be able to find.

Along with providing films that are unique, they also pride themselves on their full bar with many foods and drinks from local companies. They have Sugar Luv candies, which are based in Cuyahoga Falls and Bent Tree Coffee, which is from Kent.

Nightlight Cinema usually shows two movies a night, except for Mondays. Starting next week they’ll begin $2 off for students who present their zip card in an effort to bring the cinema back to the roots in which it started. They also will be working with RHPB to see if they can premiere movies for them as well. Friday, Sept. 26 they’re showing “God Help the Girl,” which is a film by Stewart Murdoch. “Indie rock fans will definitely like this,” Lucas said.

A full schedule of movies can be found at along with movies that they will be featuring in the future. It is located in downtown Akron on High Street between Market Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.