Don’t get too cocky, Zippy is back


Capital One Mascot Challenge

Zippy ready to knock out the competetion in this week’s matchup.

By Forrest Dukes, Sports Editor

This week Zippy is facing off against the University of South Carolina’s mascot Cocky the gamecock. Cocky is undefeated as of now at 4-0 while Zippy has the lone loss against Joe Bruin from UCLA. Zippy is in the lead, 52-48 percent, as of now and will look to take down her first undefeated opponent.

Fans and supporters of Zippy and The University of Akron can do a few things to show their appreciation to their favorite marsupial. The first and simplest is by voting for Zippy, fans can vote daily, up to 50 times a day for her. Secondly, you and your pet can show how big of fans you are of Zippy by dressing up your dog, cat and, heck, even your fish in Zippy ears in the blue and gold colors we all love. Then post the photo with the handle #CAPITALONEZIPPY. The third way is a simple answering of a question “If Zippy had a pet what would it be and what would Zippy name it?” Be creative and have fun with it and send it through a social media site with the same #CAPITALONEZIPPY.

Also, keep sending pictures and videos over to Capital One with the same hashtag used above to show your pride and lets keep this new winning streak alive.