Zippy falls again



Zippy getting the crowd pumped

By Forrest Dukes, Sports Editor

In another tough matchup, Zippy failed to gain the last-minute support to put her over the top of Cocky the Gamecock from South Carolina University. The final score was 49-51 percent and once more went down to the wire as both mascots took late leads. In the end, Cocky prevailed.

Zippy, who is now ranked No. 8 in the Capital One Mascot Challenge, is 3-2 and has only lost to undefeated mascots of UCLA and South Carolina sits on top of the ranks, at first and second.

Zippy is looking forward to getting back into the winning column as she is matched up against Big Red, a red beast that hails from Western Kentucky University. Big Red is 4-1 and is placed above Zippy, at 7th place. Zippy currently has a 90-100 percent favor, but will need her school’s help to make this win possible.

What can you do?

This week is all about exercise: tell Capital One what Zippy’s favorite workout is. Again, be creative and take pictures or videos with the hashtag #CAPITALONEZIPPY of the exercise to gain 100 points for Zippy. You can also make a post with the hashtag #CAPITALONEZIPPY telling them the exercise as well, this will gain Zippy 50 points. The last thing supporters of the best kangaroo can do is vote. Each day, an individual can vote up to 50 times, giving Zippy 50 points with just one click.

So vote, post and share Zippy to another victory this week.

Do it, all the cool kids are doing it!