The 2380 Film Club producing new films

By Nicholas Summers, Arts & Life Editor

The 2380 Film Club at The University of Akron isn’t very well known among students, but Logan Metcalf, president of the club, has been working diligently to change that.

The club has been available for students to join between 2006 and 2007. The club creates feature length and short films for students to enjoy, airing them at the Student Union Theater.

This led to them owning their own theater, The Nightlight Cinema. They had gotten the name 2380 from the distance between Los Angeles and Akron: 2,380 miles.

“It shows that although we’re not in L.A., we’re still over here making movies,” Metcalf said.

After the founding members had left, the club struggled for a while to start production on new films again until recently. Last year, they were able to produce a short film called Analysis and have kept up production since.

Now they are attempting to create three films a semester, with almost two already under their belt. Their first short film this semester that is currently in editing is called One Last Chill. It is about a couple of drug addicts who need money and go about their plot to rob a bank in order to fix their financial problems.

The feature film they currently have in preproduction is called Quick and Dirty and is an action comedy.

“This film will be a mix between Dumb and Dumber and Lethal Weapon,” Metcalf said.

It features two guys who are down on their luck and decide to become drug dealers to start making money. Since it is still in preproduction, not much else of the film has been released yet.

According to Metcalf, all of the scripts are produced by the club although they might try to branch out for more scripts. They also conduct all of the filming and editing themselves.

With the short and feature films that 2380 Film Club produce, they hope to hold a film festival each semester to showcase their work along with other short films from surrounding areas as well. The festival will be held at the Student Union Theater or The Nightlight Cinema depending on which venue they can land and the date is still to be determined.

The 2380 Film Club also has a YouTube page that has trailers for their films for people to get a glimpse of what they have been working on over the years.

Every Monday, 2380 holds a meeting in the Student Union Room 323 at 6:30 p.m. to plan out their next film. The club consists of about six full time members who work on all of the projects together, but also has people that will jump in on production when they are available.

Graphic by: Ted Boyer