Morning Tai’ Chi celebrates China Week


Kamara Turner

Another Tai’ Chi move

By Kamara Turner, Arts & Life Writer

One of the events China Week has to offer is morning Tai’ Chi. On the mornings of Monday, Sept. 30 through Thursday, Oct. 2. Tai’ Chi takes place at Buchtel Commons by Instructor Shifu Gary Harris.

“It’s martial arts but way softer and not so tense. It relaxes your body and your spirit. It’s very slow-paced so anyone can participate,” Harris said.

Many might think that Tai’ Chi doesn’t burn a lot of calories because it’s slow. Many of the participants felt otherwise after two hours of it. It also increases strength, flexibility, body awareness and mental concentration.

There are many health benefits of practicing Tai’ Chi on a daily basis, such as stretching different parts of the body which “feels like a massage for organs which helps blood and bodily fluids flow better throughout the body,” Harris said.

Another benefit of Tai’ Chi is self-defense. Tai’ Chi is known to be a “soft martial arts” because it relies more on relaxation rather than muscular strength against your opponent.

A Tai’ Chi beginner, Alexis Martin said, “I loved it. I tried yoga and that was way too difficult but this was way slower and I was able to take my time.” During Tai’ Chi Harris was very engaged with the people who participated to make them feel comfortable.

Another participant, Daniel Stuart said, “I saw them doing it and decided to join in and it was really fun.” UA offers is offering this new session during China Week only, so if you’re ever ready to try something new, Tai’ Chi will be a great alternative. It carries great health benefits and is really fun at the same time.