Preparing for the midterm crunch

Photo by Ted Boyer

Photo by Ted Boyer

By Alicia Finch, Editor-in-Chief

The midterm crunch is coming.

The leaves have fallen and the temperatures are starting to drop, but one thing that cannot fall is grades. Knowing how to manage time and deal with stress is one fear all college students can relate to.

Midterms are here and the procrastination of writing that big paper or studying for that major test is setting in. This is a time for prioritizing, flexibility, and relaxing when it is time to relax.

First thing to do is prioritize your tasks weekly, monthly or at the beginning of the semester when you receive your syllabus. If you do use your syllabus, remember to remain flexible; the schedule may change if class gets canceled. As the days go by, group these tasks into categories or list them in a level of importance. Use ones as the most important and is essential to get done in a timely manner and the lowest level can be put off for a few days.

Make sure to clearly write down when, where and what is required for the midterm exam or paper. Make sure the class is also clearly marked. When taking a full schedule sometimes it is easy to mix things up.

Flexibility is another task that essential for studying. Leaving some time for mishaps such as printers running out of ink, family emergencies or catching a virus. When unforeseen events do happen the flextime will help keep from losing concentration. When it comes to studying on the go keep some index cards on hand to study while waiting for a class to start. It helps to carry that book that has been sitting in your book bag all semester around and read a couple pages while having a coffee in the morning or breakfast. This will help review and prepare for midterm exams.

The most important thing to remember to do as a college student is to relax and rest. Remembering to rest properly, eating a balanced meal, and being in a quiet environment or with a group are some of the best preparations for midterms or any exam/paper coming up.

Relaxing as a reward for finishing an assignment or studying for an exam is a good way to keep focused and having something to look forward to. Make this something that is fun. Play a video game or go out for dinner. Do something fun as a reward for working hard.

The main thing to always remember as the semester goes on is to go to class, pay attention, study hard, eat and sleep well, relax and don’t fall behind.