China Week finale serves up Friday fun


William Singer

A live demonstration of how the dumplings are made.

By William Singer, News Editor


China Week 2014 came to an end Friday, Oct. 3 but the festivities continued with a Dumpling Party held in The Chapel, marking the end of the Confucius Institute’s flagship event.

The Dumpling Party was a joint effort between The Chapel and the Confucius Institute. It featured food, performances by a choir and musicians playing traditional Chinese instruments.

The event lasted roughly two and a half hours and served as a lively event on the gray, rainy Friday evening.

Hundreds gathered in the gymnasium of The Chapel, located at 135 Fir Hill, where the lines for food wrapped around the entire gymnasium and out of the main doors, into the hallway.

Live demonstrations of how the dumplings are made gave those waiting in line something to watch before they received their free meals.

Those waiting in line could also peek into the busy kitchen where a large staff of cooks worked to keep up with the demand of the large crowd. The dozens of tables set up in the gym were nearly filled before everyone in line received their food.

The spread of traditional Chinese cuisine featured dumplings, steamed rice, tofu and vegetables, spring rolls, seasoned chicken and green tea.

A choir from the Akron Chinese Church performs for the party.
William Singer
A choir from the Akron Chinese Church performs for the party.

Once the majority of those in attendance received their food, a choir from the Chinese church at The Chapel performed songs in Chinese.

The diverse crowd in attendance included UA students, families from the Akron area, and large groups of international students.

Chinese speaker Todd Schreiner, the Pastor of International Students Ministry at The Chapel, emceed the event and spoke about the dumpling party in terms of how the event unfolded.

“It’s just a really great family and party atmosphere,” said Schreiner. “We’re happy to have the Confucius Institute here and host an event for the university.”

The Chapel is heavily involved with the Chinese community in the Akron area due in large part to the Akron Chinese Church, which has become an integral part of the services offered by The Chapel.

The Dumpling Party marked the end of China Week this year, which takes place every year during the first week of October to celebrate an important facet of UA’s international ties and the work of the Confucius Institute.