The rise of Zippy

Zippy after running the Homecoming 5k.

Rachel Suba

Zippy after running the Homecoming 5k.

By Forrest Dukes, Sports Editor

With a win last week against Big Red from Western Kentucky University Zippy is once again back in the winning column. Zippy is now ranked sixth in the standings with a 4-2 record and ready for this week’s matchup against Cy the Cardinal.

Cy is from Iowa State University and has yet to win a single matchup and is ranked last in the Capital One Mascot Challenge.

Zippy will look for her second straight win as she now commands a 90-10 percent lead in the matchup against Cy.

For this week, think about what three items Zippy would have if she were stranded on a desert island. By answering this question Zippy can earn 50 points for every post you send out.

Supporters can also upload photos of these items and make a video with these three items to earn 100 points. Remember, use hashtag #CAPITALONEZIPPY to ensure that Zippy gets the rightful points. Zippy fans can also vote, head to and fans can vote up to 50 times a day.

Go vote, be creative, and support the kangaroo that students of UA love.