‘Working on Purpose’ helps students focus on career goals


The University of Akron Counseling Center

The Counseling & Testing Center is available to help students deal with stressful times, including midterms.

By Spencer Skolnick, Writer


The Counseling and Testing Center hosted the “Working on Purpose (Deciding on a Major or Career)” workshop in Simmons Hall Conducted by Kai-Rai Prewitt, and Michael Cadaret, both carry a master in art.

The seminar held on Monday, Oct. 13 focused on the exploration of students’ interests, personalities, goals, and skills.

The presentation covered the different myths surrounding career choice, and gave advice and tips on deciding on a major or career.

The advising and career centers on campus are useful resources. The presenters advocated seeking the advice of professors and employers as well.

Students were encouraged to research their majors and make certain they were headed in the appropriate direction. The presenters educated students on how to make this process less difficult.

“You do want an idea of how your major can lead to a career,” Prewitt explained, “And sometimes that’s not easy.”

Components of this workshop suggested involvement in campus organizations pertaining to areas of interest. Volunteering, interning and working part-time in an environment where one may want to make a career was also promoted at the seminar.

“It’s okay to be undecided, but it’s good to have a plan,” Cadaret said.

With this advice, students who attended this seminar learned to make better decisions about their current major and potential future career.

Since students sometimes change their majors and goals, attendees learned that rather than focusing on that idea, to remember their strengths and apply them to their decision-making and career goals.