Snakron gets delivered to campus

By Nicholas Summers, Arts & Life Editor

Late night cravings and couch lock can now go hand in hand thanks to an up and coming business to be known as Snakron.
Snakron is a developing company that hopes to deliver all of your local and chain favorites, so you don’t have to leave the house. Mark Loren, founder of Snakron is a 21 year-old Akron native.

“Everyone’s had that idea at some point, wishing so and so delivered, we’re just turning that idea into a reality for everyone,” Loren said.

Currently running promos and crunching numbers, Snakron is still determining business models and rates for their customers and employees. The business plans to be up and running fully by early this December.

“We want to be that quick call and silver ride for the food people want. That’s who we are and what we’re about,” Loren said.
They are planning on charging a $7 flat rate delivery fee to customers from a number of area restaurants such as The Lamp Post, Arby’s and Taco Bell. They hope to get Luigi’s on board as well. The company will run between 12 a.m. and 3 a.m. once fully operational.

“The business isn’t just geared towards partiers, but college students in general: gamers, late night enthusiasts and people who get really hungry but don’t want to go anywhere,” Loren said.

Up until about a week ago Loren was putting together the entire business plan alone, until some University of Akron students and friends decided to jump on board. He now has accountants figuring out payroll, drivers ready to work and people looking into the legal issues behind the business.

Getting advice from local mentors and the companies he currently works for, Loren has been developing this business since August.
Currently working at Community Health Center, serving at a restaurant and taking classes at Stark State, Loren has added this project onto his schedule and is working to get the business up and running at his full potential. “I grew up in Akron, went school in Akron, this is where I want to base my business out of,” Loren said.

When they are fully operational, they plan to have about twenty employees between delivery and dispatch by this December. You can look at their current status and list of restaurants on their Facebook page or website at to get more information on the soon to be company.