Around the World Mocktails educates students


Nicholas Summers

Jessie Bose, Emma Salzbrenner, and Essence Bradley from Off Campus Student Services and their Pink Parisian

By Nicholas Summers, Arts & Life Editor

On Monday, Oct. 20 ZPN held an “Around the World Mocktails” in the Student Union Ballrooms that allowed student organizations to create a non-alcoholic drink for students to taste.

The 25 student organizations participating had to pick a country or location to build their table and drink around. Spicer Dorms had picked Alaska as their location and featured a drink they named, Glacier Grog, which was a mix of blue raspberry syrup and Sprite. Spanton Hall government had chosen Las Vegas as their theme and named their drink The Strip. The Strip was made up of Sierra Mist, Ginger Ale, and grenadine.

“The new thing this year is that each organization has to have with a fact about alcohol to provide information along with their drinks,” said Ally Roat, graduate assistant for ZPN.

Spanton Hall Government’s fact was that 75 percent of campus-involved assaults are alcohol related.
“Sexual assault is a product of drugs and alcohol sometimes and we chose this fact so people could be aware,” said Antwaun Nettles, president of Spanton Hall Government.

Greek life organizations also took part in the mocktails. Lambda Chi Alpha had the theme of the Virgin Islands and made a drink called the Virgin Tropical Coast. That drink consisted of cranberry juice and lime juice with a rim of Tang around the cup. Sigma Lambda chose Hawaii as their theme and featured a drink called the Virgin Mandra. The Virgin Mandra consisted of mixing cranberry and orange juice, plus they added a little umbrella for flair.

Other organizations that participated were National Society of Leadership and Success, Off Campus Student Services, and many more.

This wasn’t only a chance for students to learn about the dangers of alcohol and enjoy free beverages; the student organizations were also competing for monetary prizes. Spicer Dorm came in first place, receiving $150. Alpha Delta Pi came in second, followed by South
Dorm in third.

The event came to a close at 9 p.m. and gave students an opportunity to make creative drinks without involving alcohol and supporting a sober night at the union.