Clean water organization springs up


By Michelle DeShon, Writer

A new Akron organization has been launched to ensure local water quality. The Akron Global Water Alliance will be holding an event this Wednesday, Oct. 22 and Thursday, Oct. 23 at the Student Union.

AGWA is responding to a growing concern about the quality of Akron’s water. AGWA manages, treats, and distributes clean water.

The organization provides clean-water systems to communities and countries across the globe. They form partnerships locally, nationally and internationally.

These partners gain access to resources that are outside of their markets without the need to relocate such as market research and assessment, business plan development, and access to incentives and investment resources.

AGWA has partnered with EBARA Corporation, a Japan-based company that produces pumps among other environmental machinery. The two corporations teamed up to test the effectiveness of a chemical as an alternative disinfection technology for wet-weather applications. AGWA also has partners in Germany and Israel.

AGWA recently did a collaborative project with Akron Water Supply on a three year project. They used fluorescence spectroscopy to evaluate plant and distribution system operations.

The event opened on Wednesday, Oct. 22 on the third floor of the Student Union. Dr. Christopher Miller, Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at The University of Akron, spoke about the clean-water innovations.