Grabowski gives students a laugh

By Nicholas Summers, Arts & Life Editor

Over 400 students filled the Student Union Ballrooms  to see comedian Adam Grabowski. Grabowski has been highest-rated comedian and the youngest to win 2013 Comedian of the Year by Campus Activities Magazine.

His set lasted well over an hour and was a mix of improvised and written material. The performance contained a lot of involvement from the audience. Grabowski promoted his social networks and the first 150 students to show him they were following him after the show got a slap bracelet that had different jokes on them from Adam. Each bracelet said something different on them like “sass-hole, sucks to suck, or the hot mess express.” Eventually, this lead to a joke about the Roo Express getting the hot mess express bracelet.

Grabowski had plenty of jokes about The University of Akron, but wasn’t short of showing his appreciation.

“Out of 360 colleges in the last five years, I prefer Akron the most,” Grabowski said.

As the show continued, he threw snacks into the audience, brought a student on stage and even had audience participation throughout most of the set. “I enjoyed that it was improv and went off of the audiences feedback and rolled with those jokes,” senior Sofia Syed said.

Adam told jokes about his girlfriend, Nicole Kelly. Kelly was Miss Iowa in 2013 and will also be speaking at UA on Wednesday, Nov. 5 as a part of Diabetes Awareness Week.

Some of the jokes about Kelly were tongue-in-cheek; Grabowski reassured the audience that she was okay with them.

Other jokes from Grabowski included how to take the perfect selfie, adding too many vowels to words while texting and why no one from Arkansas went to college.

Towards the end of the show, Grabowski brought out visual graphs to aid in his jokes. Such graphs were making fun of things you check while driving, breakdowns of junior high and the correlation between age and nakedness in locker rooms. These visuals left the crowd in stitches as they personally understood and could relate to those situations.

Grabowski brought a lot of energy and excitement to the room with his performance. Since much of it was improvised, he didn’t hold back a joke when thinking of it on the spot.  Often times, he would stop in the middle of one joke to continue with another he made up after talking with the audience.

This comedy performance held on Wednesday, Oct. 8 was sponsored by the Residence Hall Program Board (RHPB) who hold many events for students across campus throughout each semester. Their next event will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 15 with Bill Farmer, who was the voice of Goofy, in the Student Union Theater.

Adam Grabowski performing in the Student Union ballrooms
Nicholas Summers
Adam Grabowski performing in the Student Union ballrooms