Leadership seminar incorporates meditation

Eden Kozlowski visited UA to lecture on how meditation can help improve leadership.

Spencer Skolnick

Eden Kozlowski visited UA to lecture on how meditation can help improve leadership.

By Spencer Skolnick, Writer

Holistic Leaders and Mindful Meditation hosted the Mass Meditation and Mindful Leadership Workshop featuring Eden Kozlowski on Thursday, Oct 23. Participants learned how to apply meditation and mindfulness to the workforce.

“You have more sympathy, empathy and connection to other people,” Kozlowski said .

Practicing mindfulness and meditation during the seminar, guests got to experience and learn meditation techniques firsthand, practicing them live with Kozlowski.

Kozlowski, a 15-year meditator and teacher of the art joined the university’s meditation group to speak on the subject of applying mindful techniques to their jobs and schooling in order to increase their leadership abilities, confidence and passion for their work, while also lowering their stress levels.

Kevin James Karas, leader of the campus organization, invited Kozlowski to speak to participants on the subject of leadership in regards to meditating. “[With] a lot of organizations, you don’t care as deeply [in your work.] We would like to engage people in this compassion,” Kozlowski said.

Speaking to attendees about the benefits of meditating, such as how it can improve your work ethic, generate personal fulfilment and decrease stress levels as well as health risks.

“Meditation has really saved my life,” Kozlowski said.

Kozlowski encouraged participants to look into the health benefits of lowering stress levels through the art of meditation.

Karas and faculty members used Kozlowski’s lessons to help them form a class for the spring semester.

Students were invited to sign up for the class, which will teach them how to become better leaders through practicing meditation and mindfulness. Kozlowski’s advice acted as a tool to demonstrate to Karas and others the beneficial ways to educate others about this topic.