“Finish in Time” initiative aims to lower student debt


The University of Akron

Christ Timler and Willy Kollman in their “Finish in Time” informercial.

By Spencer Skolnick, Writer


Collaboration between academic advisors and the Communications and Marketing team continue the campaign, “Finish in Time” to encourage students to take 15 to 16 credit hours each semester.

During the last academic year, FIT was established to urge students to enroll full-time and take 15 to 16 credits each semester to allow them to graduate in the time span their program requires.

This campaign was created to help students acquire less debt due to loans. Decreasing semesters by enrolling in more classes every semester allows students to graduate without spending more than they have to.

A mock infomercial starring Chris Stimler and Willy Kollman is accessible on the Akron’s home webpage. This video is a reminder for students signing up for classes to take on the recommended number of credit hours to graduate on time.

These “FIT guys” address the freshmen class signing up for the spring semester, to get them started early on the right track of taking the suggested number of credits.

The FIT campaign also appeals to all attendees of UA campus when illustrating the benefits of saving money and graduating on time. Detailing these benefits of enrolling in 15 to 16 credits each semester, FIT advocates prove the money savings and quicker graduation results with this campaign.

When FIT was established, the university saw an increase of 28.8 percent in the number of full-time students, as compared to the year prior to forming FIT.

Predicting another increased percentage in the number of students at Akron taking 15 to 16 credits, the FIT team continues its efforts in full-time enrollment this semester.