New PizzaFire gives students custom pies


Ellen Papp

PizzaFire’s assembly line prep station to customize your pizza

By Ellen Papp, Arts & Life Writer

In a student’s busy schedule, it can be hard to find a fast food restaurant that serves good quality food. Luckily, the brand new PizzaFire fits the bill.

PizzaFire, running since Wednesday, Oct.15 at 22 Exchange St., has been dubbed the “chipotle of pizza” for a good reason.

The setup is very similar to chipotle, with made-to-order pizza ready in minutes in an assembly line format.

To begin your masterpiece, you must first choose which sauce and cheese you would like. Some of the unique choices include Basil Pesto, BBQ Sauce and Ranch Bacon. When choosing a cheese the choices range from Ricotta, Blue Cheese Crumbles and Parmigiano-Reggian.

Next, is a choice of meats and veggies. There are a variety of over 40 toppings to satisfy your hunger.

Some toppings you may add to your creation include Canadian bacon, buffalo chicken, pineapple and arugula.

For the people who are not craving a pizza, PizzaFire also has the option of creating a salad or purchasing a specialty-made salad.

At the end of the assembly line, prices start from $6.99 for an 11-inch pizza with three toppings of your choice.

All ingredients used in the making of the pizza’s are fresh for every customer.

PizzaFire hand crushes every tomato to create their sauce, while the dough is freshly made every day right in the store.

Sean Brauser is the CEO and Founder of this unique new pizza place, he is also the CEO and Founder of Romeos Pizza.

Brauser built PizzaFire in hopes of creating a unique type of pizza place, that is able to accommodate to all varieties of customers needs, as much as possible.

Brauser has been in the pizza business for 20 years and does not plan on stopping any time soon.

His current goal with PizzaFire is to build 100 more, already having eight locations planned for the future.

Luckily for local fans of PizzaFire, a lot of these locations are planned to be in Northeast Ohio.

Some of his biggest accomplishments are competing at the World Pizza Championship and appearing on the food network channel.

Whether you’re in the mood to sit down and enjoy a freshly made pizza or eat one on the go, PizzaFire is a tasty option to satisfy both your hunger and busy schedules.