UAPD newfound service fee

By Brittany Gregg, Opinion Editor

UAPD is an acronym for University of Akron Police Department. The University of Akron Police Department is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year. They provide services to both students on and off-campus to enhance safety and security. There are more than 40 full-time officers and they offer assistance free of charge to students. Although recently, there has been a newly added fee for battery jumps and vehicle lockouts.

Students in the previous years were able to reach out to UAPD to get their car jumped due to a dead battery and even manage to get back into their cars after being locked out. This service is still available but it comes with a $10 fee. For some students, this $10 fee can become hefty after numerous accounts. It also can be a red flag for those who have a tendency to leave their headlights on or forget their keys inside their car.

UAPD also offers several other free services such as an escort to and from campus locations at any hour, a security survey inspection of off-campus rental properties, campus patrol, and various educational programs about alcohol, self-defense, and pizza with police, sexual assault, and international new student orientation. There is also an option to receive cell phone alerts about weather and other safety issues on campus.