Students to vote on constitutional changes

By William Singer, News Editor


Voting takes place the week of November 17 through 19 to make changes to the constitution of Undergraduate Student Government at The University of Akron.

“Undergraduate Student Government represents the collective voice of the students,” USG Vice President Rachel Bodenschatz said. “As a result, they should have the opportunity to vote on how we operate, similar to how they vote us into office.”

The changes include, a more detailed accountability clause. This is in order to keep members liable for their responsibilities outlined in their branch bylaws. Expanded eligibility to allow members to commit to just one semester is another major change made in USG.

Since 2009-2010 USG has not changed the constitution, which means students will now have to opportunity to vote in this years election. Students are encouraged to vote on every election, but the constitution has not changed in four years. All students will receive an email with a link to the ballot. Until this point, the proposals have only been discussed by members of USG.

USG acts as the main source of communication and support between the undergraduate student body and the administration, and is also heavily involved in working with student organizations to ensure their success.