Myers School of Art holds “Disclosures” exhibition

By Ellen Papp, Arts & Life Writer

On Thursday, Nov. 13 at 4:30 p.m., visitors to the Myers School of Art Projects Gallery were able to attend the opening reception of the Disclosures: The Best of Reality exhibition.

In the high point of Myers Forum Class was Collaborative: Art Practice: Re-Imagining the Pat, Challenging the Present. This exhibition featured the final project of the students group art projects.

The projects were based on appropriating historic works of art.

The Disclosures exhibition really lives up to the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” by showing visitors that historic artwork speaks in more than one voice, thereby revealing an abundance of real and imaginary meanings.

The exhibition offers new takes on Gustavo Doré’s 19th-century prints illustrating Dante’s Divine Comedy in the venetian renaissance painting Leda and the Swan by Paolo Veronese, and the Paleolithic statuette Woman of Willendorf.

Myers Forum students were separated into three different collaborative groups that all offered their own unique interpretation on  these species pieces by re-imaging their meanings, purpose, and uses.

Having to work collectively in groups instead of individually created new possibilities as well as challenges for the the students enrolled in Myers Forum course.

Students Julia Begg, Michael Swaisgood, and Chad Uehlein were in the group Apporpriationation. Cara Coleman, Kit Palencar, and Katherine Schultz were in the group Pasteurized for your Safety. Boaz Bair, Melissa Markwald, and Julie Polsinelli were in the group The Heathers.

The exhibition was set up in a timeline fashion that portrayed all the different interpretations between each group of students.

Artists Andrej Savski and Borut Vogelnik, members of the Slovenian multi-disciplinary collective IRWIN, were visitors to this years Myers Forum exhibition, along with the course instructor Dr. Gedas Gasparavicius

Visitors are able to view the Disclosures The Best of Reality exhibition until Nov. 21 when a new exhibition will then take its place.

The "Disclosures" exhibit is aligned in a timeline form
Ellen Papp
The “Disclosures” exhibit is aligned in a timeline form