Students learn how to alleviate stress


Graphic by Ted Boyer

By Brittany Gregg, Opinion Editor

It is that time of the semester when students begin to realize that finals week is vastly approaching and winter break is around the corner. It also a time when many students begin to stress about balancing academics with their lives outside of the classroom. If students are aware of others in distress or if they themselves are in need of help, there is a quick and easy online form to fill out in order to alleviate stresses. One of several caring, student-support professionals will offer resources for assistance.

The assistance offered is for students having academic issues pertaining to missed assignments, poor grades on exams, assignments, projects, and repeated absences from classes. It is also for students with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and substance independence. Lastly, students with financial issues and personal problems relating to relationships, social contentedness, roommate compatibility, and homesickness can also receive assistance.

Within a click of a button, whether “I know a student who needs help” or “I need help” is selected, help can be found within two days of completing the form. This is a great way to help friends, classmates, and even yourself alleviate the common stresses of being a student in college. This information can be found at:

In the meantime, students ought to remember the other various stress relievers that they can incorporate into their schedules, such as free group exercises and instructional classes that take place at the Rec. This schedule can be found at the main desk right where students sign in. There are three types of yoga that take place during the week including Yoga Flow, Morning Yoga, and Power Yoga. There is also cycling, tabata, Zumba, and several other group exercises that students can drop into to check out and see if they would be interested. Not only are these programs encouraging students to be active but they are also a great way to get students out of their rooms and break away from studying. You do not have to regularly attend these programs, it doesn’t matter when in the semester you start going, and you can invite your friends and study group along.

If you are the type of student that likes to do their own thing, than you can simply climb the rock wall, run on the treadmill, or cycle at your own pace to your own tunes.

Whatever you choose, make it worthwhile. Remember to keep in mind that a healthy heart is a healthy mind. Along with a helping hand can transform another student into something grand.