The Roos and the Bees

By Haley Gaines, Sports Writer

With eight wins and four losses, Zippy needs your votes this week or else she’ll be eliminated. The marsupial that has cheered the Akron Zips on now needs the Akron community to cheer her on. Zippy has competed in numerous challenges this semester and with UA’s helps she can keep going.

This is how you can help her:

You can vote at up to 50 times a day.

For 50 points, you can tweet or facebook “If your mascot wins the Capital One Challenge, how will you celebrate?”

For 100 points, upload a picture on facebook, twitter, or Instagram of you cheering Zippy on to victory!

Make sure to continue the voting to get Zippy through to the next round and use the #CAPITALONEZIPPY for any post or picture.