Affordable emergency management program shines in national rankings

By William Singer, News Editor

The Emergency Management (EM) and Homeland Security bachelor’s degree program has been ranked as one of the best and most affordable programs in the country by the Emergency Management Degree Program Guide.

The website, which ranked 20 of the most affordable emergency management degree programs costing less than the average $23,000, placed UA’s program at No. 15.

According to the site, “students have the opportunity to study a varied EM curriculum featuring geology, ecology and research methods and applications.”

“Emergency management is the coordinated effort of highly trained professionals who respond quickly to all types of disasters to lessen the effects as much as possible on a community or its residents,” according to UA’s degree program website.

Students in the program are also encouraged to participate in internships, as a chance to gain vital hands-on experience in their field. The university also allows for “service learning” through joint ventures with local emergency agencies as well as the American Red Cross, according to the information provided with the rankings.

One of the main features of the curriculum is that it builds upon technical programs in fire protection, criminal justice, community services, environment health and safety, and emergency medical services, as stated on the program’s website.

UA is the only school which offers a degree program of this type in the state of Ohio. It is also the only Bachelor’s of Science in EM to be accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress.

The EM program is also heavily involved with the Fire Protection Society and the International Emergency Management Student Association, both student organizations which allow members to interact with professionals in the EM field as well as other students.

Emergency Management Degree Program Guide is an online resource geared toward assembling the most up-to-date information about EM degrees at all levels.