‘RooNited’ spurs local charity

By Spencer Skolnick, Writer

This fall, United Way encouraged students to contribute to bettering their city and university.

The United Way in Summit County raises awareness and funds for different branches of their organization in the Akron area, asking students attending the university to get involved in the campus cause known as, RooNited.

The University of Akron Foundation allows students to contribute to university scholarships, colleges and departments to benefit their school and their educations.

Through the RooNited United Way website, students are able to donate to specific departments and areas within the school, allowing their contribution to add up where they wish to see improvement and advancements. As an added bonus, students who donate to the cause are entered in a drawing to win prizes.

“United Way seems to be really dedicated to helping local organizations,” said Leah Pilati, a child life specialist senior. “RooNited gives us, the students on campus, a chance to join their mission.”

Along with aiding the university, the Summit County United Way works with other local nonprofit organizations, such as the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Victims Assistance Program, Catholic Charities Community Service and the Valor Home to achieve goals of community service in the area and provide assistance to those dedicated to helping people with emotional and physical disabilities.

“I like that this gives other students and me the opportunity to help the area where our campus is located. It makes me feel like our donations really count,” said Taylor Stephens, a sophomore in aerospace engineering.

Students, faculty, alumni and others can visit uakron.edu/UnitedWay to donate and continue United Way’s efforts to help the community.