USG adopted new Constitution

By Nicholas Summers, Arts & Life Editor

Students voted until Wednesday, Nov. 19 on whether they would adopt the revised version of the Constitution of Undergraduate Student Government.

The new constitutional clause now allows students to only serve on USG for a single semester, say if they were a senior with only one semester left, rather than being committed to a whole year.

Another major change was that the Legislative branch doesn’t exclusively approve new student organizations anymore. Now the duty of approval can be transferred amongst any of the branches within USG.

All future changes to USG’s constitution have to gain the majority vote of USG instead of just the Senate. In five more years when a new constitution is put to a vote by the students, the changes won’t exclusively be decided by the Senate.

“The changes to the constitution will allow USG to function more smoothly and will also permit students who can only devote one semester to USG to be a part of the organization,” said Rachel Bodenschatz, vice president of USG.

USG has also been trying to get student input for UA trying to move towards a smoke-free campus. USG is currently conducting a survey to determine students’ opinions on the topic. When this issue was brought to the Council, the proposed smoking ban did not pass. USG has decided that the students should tell their opinions on this issue before making such a decision.

The survey can be found at

Students are encouraged to go to USG meetings and voice their concerns. Meeting are held  weekly, every Thursday at 5 p.m. in Student Union Room 316.