Ice-carving shapes up at UA


Photo provided by Caleb Landis

Caleb Landis carving a bird ice sculpture.

By Spencer Skolnick, Writer


The University of Akron ice-carving team celebrates the winter weather by creating works of art.

From noon until 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 4 Culinary Artists Club president and senior majoring in hospitality management, Caleb Landis will work with student participants and volunteers to show them how to sculpt ice.

Landis will be sculpting 300-pound blocks of ice into a variety of animals and objects.

Outside Gallucci Hall, Landis demonstrates how to handle the heavy power equipment and transform a block of ice into a masterpiece. Students in attendance are able to watch Landis carve the ice and personally learn the ways to master this art.

“It really doesn’t take very much artistic ability, just a person who is willing to put forth time [and] effort and enjoy using power tools,” Landis said.

Landis uses his demonstration to teach his peers how to maneuver the power tools and work with them on the ice.

The cooler outdoor temperatures are the best time for the carvings to be on display for people walking through Akron’s campus because the sculptures are sustained.

The majority of the ice carvers in the club have vastly different majors, hobbies, and interests, yet, they all come together very easily for this single hobby.

Landis adds that there are a high number of people who regard ice-carving as a great hobby.

Whether an individual’s talent entails artistic skill, an eye for architecture or an aptitude for learning new things, Landis and his fellow carvers find that students can learn the ins-and-outs of ice sculpting all the same.