An ode to post syllabus week

By Brittany Gregg, Opinion Editor

The first week of school could not be any more simplistic.

It means sitting in class and surveying not only the professor, but your classmates.

It is about making a good first impression.

It is about taking grip of the syllabus, organizing your calendar, filling in due dates, and bracing yourself for whatever lies ahead.

For freshman, this is the second semester of college. Embrace it while you can.

For select seniors, this may be their last semester of college. Give yourself a pat on the back.

For students in general, the first week is a breeze; in comparison to the several weeks before midterms and the several before finals.

Post syllabus week the reality begins to settle in: New Year’s Resolutions are revised, professors test students to get an overview of their performance, and the weather becomes inconstant.

The sidewalks to class become homemade over the once green grounds on campus.

The hallways are high trafficked areas, populated with people squandering between classes for food, coffee, and trips to see their advisors.

It is a time when a routine becomes apparent and free-time between classes and work schedules fall into exercise, sleeping, or attending meetings to get more involved on campus.

The first few weeks of school: they only come twice a year, so revel in them while they last.