Artist of the Week for 1/21/15


Kit Palencar

Senior Kit Palencar’s oil painting “Big Brother Ian”

By Nicholas Summers, Copy Editor

Senior Kit Palencar has become a successful student artist while studying at The Myers School of Art.

Palencar’s work mostly consists of portraits. He has begun using architecture as a backdrop for his work. Kit prefers oil based paints but he also experiments with water-colors.

“Oils help to make a more convincing portrait but water colors are looser which lets me make more of a mess with less defined lines,” he said.

In reference to his last series of portraits and architecture, Palencar said, “I like to use shapes to create space while capturing someone’s likeness. Everyone looks totally different so it’s never the same painting a new portrait, while still capturing the mood of the person you’re painting.”

Palencar recently received a scholarship from the Frederic Whitaker and Eileen Monoghan Whitaker Foundation for some of his water-color landscape paintings he had submitted.

His painting, “Big Brother Ian” has also been inducted into the 2015 GAR Show which is a combination of Kent State and UA juniors and seniors artistic works throughout the 2014 year. His work will be on display from Feb. 26, 2015 until Jan. 26, 2016.

Kit will be presenting his senior exhibition in April and will be graduating in May of 2015.