UA professor honored for book

By Nick Jordan, Writer

Walter L. Hixson, a history professor at UA, was recently recognized for his book “American Settler Colonialism: A History.”

The book, a historical analysis of the impact of the growth of young America, was published in December of 2013 and was awarded an Outstanding Academic Title by the American Library Association .

About 7,000 scholarly titles are reviewed each year by “Choice” and less than 10 percent make it onto the annual list.

“It’s very gratifying to have your work recognized,” Hixson said. “A lot of books get that honor so it’s not so much about an individual award, but being apart of that community is a good feeling. People use history for a lot of things, but it is really useful in helping to better understand today’s world.”

This is not the first time that one of Hixson’s books has been honored. “The Myth of American Diplomacy: National Identity and U.S. Foreign Policy” received the same recognition from the American Library Association.