Artist of the Week 1/26/15


Ryan Sandy

“Home” 2′ x 3′ Oil on Panel

By Nicholas Summers, Copy Editor

Ryan Sandy is a Junior in The Myers School of Art who is working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a major in Painting and Drawing.

Sandy has been working with the theme of “information overload.”

“I am trying to explore the idea of compacting the human experience into one environment at one point in time in as many ways as I can using oil paint,” Sandy said.

His current series has been focusing on this theme in contemporary life.

"Everything" 3' x 4' Oil on Panel
Ryan Sandy
“Everything” 3′ x 4′ Oil on Panel

“I take this idea and bring it down to a personal, day-to-day level where we are constantly barraged with information while being expected to keep track of a litany of plans and responsibilities,” Sandy said. “They are everything at once from my life, combined to create chaotic environments; anxious clusters of color and information.”

He uses concepts from hyper-realism to abstract expressionism along with other mixtures of concepts.

“I find it most visually interesting when an artist combines styles and methods within a piece, having some areas which are representational and some that are just about the paint or whichever medium the artist is working in,” Sandy said.

Sandy’s paintings will be featured in next month’s Akron Art Walk. His work will be in Studio Akron on Saturday, Feb. 7.