Insider’s perspective: Greek life

By Corinne Bittner

Greek life has a different connotation to everyone. To some, it may be the parties so often emphasized in movies, to others, an outlet for volunteering, and to the rest, a family. College years are full of unknowns; full of opportunities and experiences to try things you never expected to like or be a part of. That’s exactly how my definition of “family” became 77 women larger.

Television and mainstream media portray an image of Fraternity and Sorority life that could be characterized as nothing more than a biased view of people who were never involved, or never cared to learn the truth. While these outlets may show one small part of it that only applies to a select few, it does not demonstrate the brotherhood and sisterhood that comes along with membership. While I had my expectations going into recruitment during the Fall of 2012, I never would have predicted what it would bring me.

Contrary to popular belief, receiving a bid to a Greek organization has nothing to do with money, family connections, popularity, or attractiveness. Greeks are not the shallow people that so many assume them to be.

The lifelong relationships resulting from brotherhood and sisterhood was demonstrated to me through my father, a Phi Kappa Psi alum, from the time I was little. His fraternity brothers are my uncles, I babysit their children, and they are some of the most important role models in my life. Involvement with Delta Gamma has brought me the same kind of family that can relieve my stress, lift my spirits, and inspire me to, quite literally, “Do Good” in all the ways I possibly can. Delta Gamma has brought me new appreciation for friends and has made me realize that I would be nothing without them.

An emphasis on academics is prevalent in Greek life, but my GPA is better than it’s ever been. Networking opportunities are nothing short of abundant through an organization of women employed in countless fields. Opportunities are incredible, as our chapter offers scholarships, famous guest speakers, and trips to conventions all over the country. The limits to where Greek life may take me are boundless.

Volunteering through a large organization allows for a first-hand view of the good you can do for others. So often do people give back, but don’t see the direct result of their efforts. Delta Gamma has made incredible strides for promoting our philanthropy, Service for Sight, because of the women who comprise it. We have founded schools for the blind, funded research for improving condition of those with impaired vision, and provided glasses and other tools to those in need. Our annual event, Anchor Splash, receives tremendous support from the entire Greek community in our common goal to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves. Through this event, we raise thousands of dollars and often donate to the Akron Blindness Center.

While I am a member of a large organization, I’m still an individual and will always be praised for that. The unique group of women is what makes Delta Gamma such a perfect fit for myself and so many others. It would be impossible to entirely express the good that membership has done for me, but I am thankful every day that I got the opportunity to be a part of it.