Relationships: make it or break it


Ted Boyer

Graphic by Ted Boyer

By Sofia Syed, Arts & Life Writer

On Feb. 4, UA Counselors Sara Rieder Bennett and Barry Brady offered solutions to relationship problems with their seminar, “Supersize your Relationships.”

The interactive PowerPoint presentation was based around different types of relationships—relationships with professionals, friends, family and significant others.

Bennett and Brady said that strongholds for any healthy relationship are sharing similar values, having good communication, and having a sense of respect for one another.

This seminar also brought up how people usually deal with problems by not dealing with their problems. Bennett explained, however, that conflict is necessary in a relationship because it reveals differing expectations and creates an opportunity for change.

In particular, family relationships can be a challenge when students try to balance being independent with needing their family’s support. Parents may also struggle to see their child as an adult, which can cause conflict within the family.

Bennett went on to explain what students should have taken from the seminar: a way of looking at relationships that allow students to know themselves and know what is important in the relationship.

“This is a foundation of an extended counseling group offered,” Bennett said.

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