Fraternal colony on campus

By Sofia Syed, Arts & Life Editor

Phi Sigma Kappa is currently revamping their fraternity after their chapter was removed from UA’s campus. Starting with all new members, they are trying to gain new recruits and show they have improved.

Phi Sig is on probation as a colony, which means their national fraternity is testing the viability of their chapter.

Phi Sig was previously banned due to an issue with poor grades. Members of the Greek community are required to maintain a cumulative 2.6 grade point average.

Clayton Tratter, president of Phi Sig, wants to focus on the Akron community and not the stigma that follows fraternities.

“Frats have a bad reputation and we are trying to change that through community service, grades, and involvement on campus,” Tratter said.

Grades are going to be a major focus for Phi Sig. Tratter said he is initiating study tables and members will be required to study a certain amount per week, depending on their individual grades.

As a part of a deal made, old members are not allowed to be affiliated with Phi Sig and they have to find all new members. Phi Sig nations helped by sending two recruiters to find eligible students around UA campus.

While they are still on probation, the house will be considered dry meaning no alcohol is allowed in the house for the next two years.