Bierce to renovate, promote 3D printer


Kristina Aiad-Toss

3D printer on the first floor of Bierce Library at the User Support Services desk.

By Kristina Aiad-Toss, News Writer

Many improvements are being made to Bierce Library to help students study more efficiently and to make the library more accessible.

Stephanie Everett, manager of marketing communications at Bierce, provided exclusive details about new additions to the library.

Bierce has had a 3D printer for more than two years, but is now working on promoting the device for use. Although it is encouraged for engineering departments, the printer is accessible to all departments, staff members, and students of any major.

The printer is located on the first floor at the User Support Services desk, where librarians can provide information about the device and instructions on how to use it.

Students must fill out a form and go through a procedure in order to operate the printer.

The machine is not restricted to engineering software, and can be used with free 3D printing software on the Internet. The library hopes to expand its 3D printing capabilities by creating a student maker-space in the future.

Bierce is also implementing a new program to install charging stations on the second floor. From laptops to cell phones, the charging stations can be used for any electronic device.

The stations should be available by the fall 2015 semester, and will likely be installed over the summer; however, since students cannot leave devices unattended, the library is also looking into adding seating or a study area around the charging stations.

Joseph Williams, Assistant to the Dean of University Libraries, spearheaded this operation due to a rising number of comments about the deficiency of available outlets for students to charge their devices. The library hopes the initiative will help students keep their devices powered up and available for use as they study.

In addition to the media department downstairs, the library is also streaming movies online through the catalog. The collection contains a wide selection of genres, including new releases. To make Bierce’s services more accessible, the films can be viewed on and off of campus. The movies are always available for streaming and renting is not required. Some movies include “Dear White People”, “Boyhood”, and “Gone Girl”.

An individual quiet-study room was also renovated. New features were added to this room last semester, including soft seating, tables, chairs, and a power column in the middle of the room to charge devices.

Bierce is also designing an emerging technology lab in the glass room on the first floor by buying new furniture and technology. This week, a group of library employees will meet to discuss possible ideas for redesigning this room; however, the library wants to hear students’ input on what they would like to see in the room.  Students with ideas for the technology lab can email Stephanie Everett at [email protected].

“We hope that these improvements will help students be more successful in their studies by making all of these resources, the library’s collection, and the new technology available to them on and off campus,” Everett said. “We want to create an environment for them to prosper.”