Ultimate roommate guide

By Sofia Syed, Arts & Life Editor

Most people who attend college end up living with one or many roommates. Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of picking a roommate; however, if a choice is available, there are qualities you can look for in a roommate that make for a blissful living environment.

There is a lot to take into consideration when choosing who to live with. Some people who sign a lease with a friend find out that their friend’s habits may drive them apart. Consider signing a lease with someone who you feel confident things will run smoothly with.

When searching for an ideal roommate, some traits to think about include finding someone who is organized, trustworthy, respectful, and who you are compatible with.

It can be a pain to always be cleaning up after another person or constantly having to remind them to clean up. Choosing a roommate who can pick up after themselves and pitch in on other household chores will save everyone from unnecessary headaches.

Finding someone who is trustworthy is another important trait. You would not want them to steal your belongings or invite people over who make you feel uncomfortable.

Another quality to look for is someone who is respectful towards you and the place you are both residing in—respectful in the sense that they do not eat all of your food, throw a party without informing you or making any outrageous renovations. You would also want to make sure they talk to you before they make any major decisions, like getting a pet.

Even the best of roommates may still have moments where things can get a little rocky.

Good communication is something that all roommates should have; good communication can clear the air about any uncertainties or conflicts that bother roommates.

Being passive-aggressive is never as effective as you may hope it will be. No one wants to be the bad guy, but it’s important to talk about issues to avoid conflict.

Living with someone who has compatible habits and a compatible lifestyle is important as well. If your roommate stays up until 3 a.m. every night blaring music while you need to study or sleep it can lead to conflict and resentment.

College is a fun experience and it can be an even better one when you live with the right people. To ease your mind from any frustrations, take into consideration roommate traits you would find ideal for your living situation.