Old moves taught to young students


Kristina Aiad- Toss

Students practicing the newly- learned swing moves on a cleared section of the Union Market

By Grant Morgan, News Editor

Students got a taste of a classy past for two hours last Friday, March 6, as UA Campus Programs held a swing-dancing event in the Union Market.

Experience wasn’t needed; officers of UA’s Ballroom Dance Club did the teaching, leaving the rest of the time for students to practice what they learned.

“The attendance for this one has been the best so far,” said Taylor Byers, Ballroom Dance Club officer.

Byers also gave her opinion on why swing dancing is so enticing.

“Swing is just so much fun,” Byers said. “And it’s actually becoming a lot more popular—you’re going to see it a lot more.”

David Vale, assistant director of Campus Programs, contacted the Ballroom Dance Club to see if they could help with Friday’s event, according to Byers.

“We had helped out previously with some of the other events…so he emailed a couple of the officers,” Byers said. “My partner and I volunteered because we are the ones that know swing decently.”

To learn the dance, men and women stood on opposite sides of a Union Market area cleared of all tables and chairs. Men learned their part of the dance first, and women directly after.

Then came a little chivalry. The men had to walk across the clearing while politely reaching out their hand and asking a woman to dance.

This process happened a few times; each time, students were taught something new to try, such as a turn or a reverse turn.

Byers said this type of interaction is a good thing, and is always a by-product of swing dancing.

“It’s a different way to meet new people; it’s something that a lot of people don’t do on a day-to-day basis,” Byers said. “You can make a fool of yourself a little bit and you can let loose…and have a good time doing it.”

Byers said the Ballroom Dance Club is interested in doing another event like this; however, students need not wait for a special occasion to dance.

UA’s Ballroom Dance Club hosts a social night every Thursday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. in Guzzetta Hall room 391. Anyone can come to these meetings, even non-students.

“We teach students…students’ friends—whoever ends up coming,” Byers said. “We usually teach a ballroom dance for the first hour and then a swing for the second one, just because it’s a good way to end it.”

More information can be found on the club’s Facebook page, “The University of Akron Ballroom Dance Club,” or its OrgSync page, “The Ballroom Dance Club.” There is also a competition team for those who are more experienced.