New survey assessing sexual misconduct, behavior

By Michelle DeShon, News Writer

UA recently released a survey that aims to assess the state of sexual misconduct on campus.


“I believe the survey is a powerful first step in understanding sexual misconduct at The University of Akron,” said Mike Strong, deputy Title IX coordinator, regarding the new Sexual Assault Resource Team (SART) Climate Survey.


The purpose of the SART Climate Survey is to determine what the university is doing to protect students from sexual violence, inform students of what they are required to do by law, and recommend what they can do to take further initiative to help stop the violence.


“We will apply what we learn from this survey to programs and surveys in the future,” Strong said.


The survey includes questions about an individual’s observations, experiences, and attitudes regarding sexual assault. The survey aims to gain insight on sensitive issues regarding sexual misconduct, and some of the questions are detailed.


Students who complete the survey remain anonymous; they do not have to reveal any identifying information. Further, a computer’s IP address cannot be linked to any students’ responses.


This is a quick survey, taking only around 15 minutes; but the feedback it provides is crucial to SART. It could help them determine how to better prevent cases of sexual assault. The survey ends with links to information and resources regarding sexual misconduct.


“The findings will raise awareness, and it is my sincere hope it helps take strides to stop sexual assault,” Strong said.


After the results from the survey are in, SART will look at the results and work with the campus community to develop recommendations. Strong is positive about what the survey could accomplish.


Students who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card; 15 cards will be given away. Registration for the drawing is independent of the survey.