Women’s History Month events attract students

By Spencer Skolnick, News Writer

With March comes the beginning of spring and the arrival of warmer weather; but also the start of Women’s History Month, which celebrates women’s past and current impacts on the world.


UA commemorates Women’s History Month with programs and events organized by Campus Programs. Every March since 2005, UA has become a center for women’s historical events and opportunities for education.


Films, interactive activities, guest speakers and panelists attract students to learn more about women’s societal history. A full list of events and speakers for Women’s History Month at UA is on <http://www.uakron.edu/studentlife/campusprograms/womens-history-month/>.


Departments and student organizations are involved with planning and coordinating events throughout March, honoring the effects women and their history have had on Akron and the world.


“The diverse programs taking place throughout the month of March cover a wide range of topics,” said David Vale, assistant director of UA Campus Programs. “[It] will benefit all genders who make up UA’s campus community by raising awareness of important equality and social justice issues, to celebrate women’s achievements in history as well as contemporary society, and to empower all individuals to become more educated on current day issues relating to women and gender.”


Certain events that stand out—created to educate students—include a speaker’s panel on March 16 called “Successful Women at The University of Akron,” where panelists tell of their personal stories and success pertaining to women’s empowerment and achievement.


Also, on March 16, Yamini Yamini will join campus for “International Women’s Experiences Studying Abroad,” discussing obstacles women face while studying in other countries and how they overcome such difficulties.


One event that already happened was called “Chase Your Stress Away”, hosted by UA’s Residence Hall Council on March 10. This event promoted better health by showing students how to conquer stress and make time.


“This event allowed for complete vulnerability, growth, and healing, which is what Women’s History Month is about,” said freshman Albert Jordan, the event’s coordinator. “I love the fact that this month of women’s recognition is happening and that it can be celebrated in such a variety of ways.”
Though the snow melts and spring awakens, March also brings a time of tribute to and acknowledgment of women’s history—a history that UA strives to teach its students.