Starbucks: to renew or not to renew

By Spencer Skolnick, News Writer

The end of The University of Akron’s contract with Starbucks is stirring debate on campus; students are concerned with whether it will stay or get replaced.

 The contract between UA and Starbucks ends in August. Though Starbucks might leave, UA is taking its time deciding whether to continue its partnership or find alternative coffee suppliers.

 “As a public university, we would not just renew blindly; therefore, there is a process,” said Gary Goldberg, director of Dining Services. “We have notified a variety of potential partners of this situation and will have them all on campus this week to see our spaces.”

 Since there are three Starbucks locations on campus, any one or all of these places are open to change. Dining Services wants to find the right fit for each venue; therefore, other providers could join campus without UA completely diminishing its connections with Starbucks.

 “It is highly likely we will continue to partner with Starbucks at any or all of our locations,” Goldberg said.

 While decisions are in the process, students are left uncertain whether pumpkin spice lattes will return in the fall or if UA will expand its coffee horizons across campus.