Students receive online tutoring to help improve grades

By Nicholas Summers, Copy Editor

Students are still able to receive online tutoring for free through the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative until the last day of classes on May 1.

Started in 2010, the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative worked with 15 higher education institutions to more adequately reach and tutor the students among them. Now comprised of nearly 40 institutions, students from all over the state can access this online tutoring.

Institutions in the collaborative supply tutors and the platform allows tutors from any of these institutions to help students from other members of the collaborative. The tutors are comprised of adjunct professors, accomplished retired professors, and graduate students who are all trained to the standards of the collaborative. All of these tutors are also supervised by a master tutor and interactions are recorded to ensure quality help is being provided.

Through eTutoring, students can receive tutoring on writing, math, biology, chemistry, and anatomy and physiology.

The writing lab available with this website allows students to submit papers with a detailed explanation of the assignment and where they might want the tutor to focus on. After 24 to 48 hours, the paper is returned to the student with the tutors reaction, comments, and a closing statement. Students can submit up to three drafts for each paper.

The whiteboard program on the eTutoring platform allows subject like math, chemistry or biology to be demonstrated in real time to students. The live chat program is similar to this feature and allows questions to be answered in real time. These communications are supported by Adobe Connect, which also allows file sharing among the tutor and student.

For students to get started with eTutoring before the semester ends, they must go to, select Ohio eTutoring Collaborative, then find the appropriate school and create an account. If any concerns or questions arise about this tutoring platform, please contact Laura Monroe at 330-972-2363.